Instrument Geek

Being an Instrument Geek means having an avid interest in all musical instruments. It means researching the history and understanding the cultural significance behind every musical tool. Comprehending the design of instruments and being able to articulate why they make the sounds that they do. At Instrument Geek we often refer to musical instruments as being functional pieces of art because the artisanship that’s put into crafting beautiful looking instruments both creates aesthetic pieces of ornamental art as well as playable tools that sound magnificently. These pieces of functional art are really fun to nerd-out over. Being an Instrument Geek means uncomfortably asking someone if you can try out their instrument, not because you want to showcase you musical prowess, but because you want to formally meet the instrument and get to know it.

Instrument Geek’s objective

Instrument Geek’s objective is to share its research on musical instruments. Sometimes it’ll be about instruments of the ancient eastern world. Other times it will be an analysis of instruments currently on the market and finding the cream of the crop. There are a ton of technical nuances that individuals overlook when looking for new instruments. We help others recognize potential deal breakers, but we also identify the remarkable subtleties that might make an instrument worth investing in. There’s a whole range of instruments that can be considered material investments. For example with many of the vintage instruments, they should only ever be worth more than what you paid for. The trick is knowing how to find these relics and knowing how much they’re worth at the time of investment.

Looking for insight?

If you’re looking for something music related that you can’t find. If you have a question about an instrument. If you have any inquiries at all, then you can email us at and we’ll respond to you with our expertise as soon as we see it in our inbox. We love helping others and spreading our enthusiasm for instruments (after all, we are Instrument Geek) so don’t be shy!