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Beach Instruments

Author: Mark at Instrument Geek

Summer is a great time to pick up a new instrument. It’s vacation season which means people are frequently attending things like social outings and family get-togethers, many of which are frequently held at beaches. In the right hands a musical instrument can improve the ambience of a mediocre beach hang-out and turn it into a fun, lively, and memorable experience. Of course this implies that learning how to play the instrument (complimented by practice) is a necessity, and that’s half true (depending on the instrument)! It’s not as tedious of a task as it might sound though, in fact it can be loads of fun with the right attitude. But we know you don’t want to spend your summer burrowed away in a cave, too embarrassed to play a note in public until you sound half decent, so Instrument Geek compiled a list of relatively easy to play and fun beach instruments that are perfect for the occasion.

Here’s the criteria that was taken into account when compiling the list:

Instrument size: Mobility is an important factor to take into account since the instrument has to be easy to carry considering the fact that you’re going to be traveling with it to the beach and back; it also shouldn’t take up too much room in the car as we want to save the seats for humans!

Cost: You probably don’t want to be paying an arm and a leg, especially since the instrument is in danger of going through some wear and tear. Not only that, but the instrument might be put away for a while after the vacation season ends, so there’s no reason to invest more than is necessary.

Loudness/volume: You’ll want a loud enough instrument so that your group of friends/family can enjoy it, but you don’t want to be so loud that you pester other beach goers.

Tone/sound: You want an instrument with a sound that’s appropriate for your setting. So for the beach you’ll want something that sounds happy and/or relaxing.

Difficulty: An instrument that’s easy to learn but also sounds good is what’s desirable. You don’t want to spend too much time learning to play.

It should be evident that there are a few aspects that need to be taken into consideration when picking out an instrument to challenge the sands & water with. But without further ado, here’s the list of 5 modestly priced instruments ideal for the summer season:


The ukulele is the go-to instrument for many beach goers. Not only does it have that Hawaiian vibe to it, but it’s super easy to carry around, it doesn’t take up much room, and it’s not a difficult instrument to learn since it only has four strings and not as many frets as a guitar. Just learn a few chords and you’re ready to go! It’s really fun to sing along with and can brighten up almost anyone’s beach day.

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The guitar had to be included in this list. It’s the most ‘serious’ instrument mentioned on this list but for good reason. It’s surprisingly not that hard to learn how to play chords, and it’s worth the time investment since guitar fits many occasions. It’s big and can be a hassle to carry around, but playing guitar and singing with your friends makes it worth it.

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You might associate the harmonica with the blues, and though it’s a great instrument that, there’s a whole other world of potential music to be played on the harmonica. Take a moment to listen to Philip Achille’s harmonica rendition of ‘Isn’t she lovely’ to hear an example of what the harmonica has to offer:

Harmonica’s are a perfect beach instrument, as long as it’s played using a bit of finesse, no one in their right mind could get annoyed with its music.

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Bongos can be a love hate instrument. They can be noisy and annoying if the player doesn’t know or care about what they’re doing. But it’s a great instrument to give the atmosphere a little rhythm, it’s perfect for accompanying another instrument since you don’t have to worry about playing in the same key or not, you just drum/tap along. It’s loads of fun.

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You might not have heard of this instrument before, but as you would guess from the picture, it’s essentially a portable piano, and you power it with your breath! That’s right, you send air down the tube and it makes a really nice sound; sort of like a cross between a harmonica and an accordion. It’s very cute. This is a great instrument taking along to the beach, especially if you already know some piano.

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