5 best banjo straps

There are specially designed straps for banjos. If you own a banjo and do any stand-up playing then it’s highly essential that you invest in one. A common question people ask is whether or not it’s possible to use a guitar strap on a banjo. The answer is that you sort of can, but it’s not ideal. It would require you to do some creative adjustments to the existing guitar strap because guitar straps just aren’t designed for banjos. There’s also a higher risk of an adjusted guitar strap failing, resulting in the damage of your expensive instrument. So it’s recommended to get a banjo strap that’s compatible with your banjo as soon as you can. Here are some of our personal favorites which we consider to be the 5 best banjo straps.

banjo strap
  • Brand: Levy's
  • Model: PMB32-WAL
  • Type: Cradle
banjo strap
  • Brand: Levy's
  • Model: PMB42-BLK
  • Type: Semi-cradle
banjo strap
  • Brand: Neotech
  • Model: 8222562
  • Type: Loop
banjo strap
  • Brand: Perris
  • Model: P25SHBJ
  • Type: Clip
banjo strap
  • Brand: LeatherGraft
  • Model: Classic
  • Type: Clip

How to put a guitar strap on a banjo

If you’re short on time or if any other reason you want to try using a guitar strap before getting a proper banjo strap, then here’s a DIY solution. The safest method would be to use 2 mountaineering clips (as shown below) and putting one on each end of the guitar strap. Then clip the strap onto the banjo’s sides. Although this is the safest method, it still isn’t the best thing for your banjo as the mountaineering clips can wear out your instrument’s finish (it can scrape the metal). Another approach to making a diy banjo strap would be to use two pieces of string and tying one through each hole of the guitar strap and to the sides of the banjo. This resolves the issue of scraping your banjo’s finish, but it isn’t recommended because there’s a risk of the knot’s untying and your banjo falling (which could obviously be devastating). You can make your own banjo strap, but it can be a gamble.

  • Brand: Ralt
  • type: Carabiner
  • items: 2

How to put a strap on a banjo

If you want to learn how to install the two types of banjo straps on any banjo then we highly recommend watching this video. The video is a demonstration of a dynamic banjo strap, but if you watch it in its entirety then you should understand the different banjos straps and strapping methods.