best baritone guitar

Best Baritone Guitar

Author: Mark at Instrument Geek

The baritone guitar is an uncommon instrument which can be hard to come by. They’re incredibly unique and have a very distinct tone. They’re a cross between regular guitars and bass guitars, so the appeal can be understandable. They really have a great sound; and complimented with the right voice this instrument can sound unlike anything anyone around you has ever heard. They use a unique set of strings, so if you ever come across a set then it might be wise to stock up! Baritone guitars are beautiful instruments; perhaps the most famous example of an electric baritone guitar would be the Fender Bass VI which was featured in the iconic film Spinal Tap. Keep on reading to see Instrument Geek’s list of favorite baritone guitars on the market right now.

Fender Blacktop Telecaster Baritone

The telecaster is an iconic instrument. Designed by Leo Fender himself, it’s been in production since 1950! Telecasters are known for their distinct tone, and combined with the power of baritone you’ll find yourself turning the heads of everyone in the room as you plug this bad boy into an amp (and we’re not talking about amp pop! Haha!). This specific model is unique in that besides being a baritone guitar, it also has a humbucker pickup at the bridge, which is quite unusual for telecasters.

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PRS SE 277 Semi-hollow Soapbar Baritone

PRS guitars are always refreshing to look at and play. The company PRS designs very modern and elegant instruments. Perfect for guitarists whose musical focus lies with progressing their technical prowess. This particular instrument is a semi-hollow with the classical f-hole, that means that half of the baritone guitar is acoustic (though don’t expect to use this as an acoustic instrument). The purpose of this design is to give it a specifically attractive tone. Perfect for rock or jazz.

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PRS 2017 SE 277 Baritone Electric Guitar Tobacco Sunburst

Fresh off the press! This brand new model is also manufactured by PRS. The different between this instrument and the last is that this baritone guitar is a solid body (it’s not partially acoustic). The other significant difference is that this model uses humbuckers for its pickups rather than P90s. The sound off this instrument could be perceived as being more predictable, but it’s still a baritone guitar which in and of itself is incredibly unique!

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EKO Baritone Acoustic

An acoustic baritone guitar had to be included on this list. The winner was a model coming from Eko. In particular the EVO baritone or as the Italians call this model, the “Baritono Natural”. In case the blatant hint wasn’t obvious enough, this guitar and its company derives from Italy; in fact the company is still stationed there! It’s not exactly a household name, but Eko produces quality instruments and this remains true with their acoustic baritone guitar. If you have the opportunity to check it out, then we highly recommend it.

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Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Baritone Jazzmaster

If you’re dying to get your hands on a baritone instrument but are on a budget, then this squier might be worth looking at. If you’re familiar with guitars then you might note the general jazzmaster design, which was no random decision made by Squier. Squier is the child company of Fender, and the iconic fender vi is how electric baritone guitars got their foot in the door of the guitar world (though admittedly, baritone guitars are still not as popular as some would like). Owning this particular squier model is like owning a momento that pays homage to guitar history.

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Baritone guitar strings

Finding a set of baritone guitar string locally can turn out to be quite the challenge. So it’s recommended to just order a set or two online.

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