5 most beautiful custom bass guitars

Here you’ll find some of the most beautifully crafted custom bass guitars that are actually used in the real world. Not only do they look amazing, but they sound so good that most of them have been used by famous musicians throughout bass guitar history.

1. Zemaitis bass guitars

Zemaitis on Amazon

Zemaitis guitars have a long underground history for being pieces of practical art that actually sound good. They’re a luxurious instrument which many of the great guitarists have played on stage since the 60s. Iconic musicians such as Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix, Greg Lake, and George Harrison have all played on these guitars. Keith Richards is especially known for touring with his Zemaitis and playing it on stage, stunning the audiences with both its sound and beauty. Zemaitis also manufactures custom bass guitars which are equally exquisite.

2. Lemmy Kilmeister’s custom Rickenbacker

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Every bassist knows about Rickenbacker; they produce one of the most distinguished bass guitars in the music industry. Their bass guitars have infiltrated pop culture, so much so that their unique design is recognizable even to non-musicians. One of their most beautiful custom bass guitars has to be the signature model belonging to the late Lemmy Kilmister. The intricate top of this bass is masterfully wood carved and is fitted with gold hardware. Talk about luxurious!

3. Teye bass guitars

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Teye is a lesser known company that designs and crafts some of the most extravagant guitars on the market. Their custom bass guitars look like pieces of art meant for display more than anything else, but they’re definitely functional. The amount of craftsmanship put into these instruments is hard to rival. However a number of their models seem to imply a heavy influence by Zemaitis.

4. Blueberry bass guitars

Blueberry on Amazon

The blueberry guitar company produces instruments inspired by eastern wood carvers. A partnership between carvers and luthiers resulted in the beautiful instruments they craft today. Among these instruments are occasional custom bass guitars which are captivating by both their visual aesthetics and sound.

5. Jaco Pastorius’ bass

Pastorius on Amazon

This bass guitar might look a little out of place on this list, but it earned its honorary spot for a very significant reason. It’s not just any regular old Fender Jazz Bass, but it’s actually been customized to be fretless. This completely changes the playing field (pun intended) for the bassist. The player of this famous bass was none other than Jaco Pastorius, a man who is widely regarded as having been one of the best bassists of all time. He influenced a demographic of musicians and was one of the earliest bassists to ever excel at contemporary music on the fretless bass guitar.