5 Best Custom Guitar Knobs for 2018

If you’ve been playing guitar for a long enough time then you’ve probably physically tinkered with your instrument. Like adjusting small things and customizing your guitar to suit your needs. You might have even gotten curious about your volume & tone knobs and removed them to see how they work. Maybe things got bad and you either damaged them or lost them. Or perhaps you’re just looking for some cool new knobs to replace them with. Regardless, there are a lot of custom guitar knobs you can get for your instrument. The great thing about them is that they’re easy to install, so changing your guitar’s appearance (At least minimally) is no big deal. It’ll attract the attention of other guitar enthusiasts and potentially earn you some rep for having a more personalized instrument.

Here are some of our favorite custom guitar knobs which aren’t over the top in appearance, but still pack an aesthetic punch. They’re also great to have just as replacements.

custom guitar knobs
  • Brand: Dinatone
  • Style: Gibson
custom guitar knobs
  • Brand: Dopro
  • Style: Telecaster
custom guitar knobs
  • Brand: WD music
  • Style: Bell knob
custom guitar knobs
  • Brand: Musiclily
  • Style: Fender
custom guitar knobs
  • Brand: Beyond
  • style: Top Hat

Practical use for custom guitar knobs

Another reason to buy custom guitar knobs is if your current knobs don’t have a good grip. Slippery knobs can embarrass a musician on stage during a lengthy performance if their hands are sweaty. It can become quite frustrating, though most musicians choose to live with it because the idea of getting custom guitar knobs surprisingly doesn’t come to them.

Not to worry!

Some musicians are unnecessarily afraid of changing their instrument in any way and believe that only a professional should attempt it. And though this can be true for important adjustments, installing a custom guitar knob is incredibly simple and doesn’t do any damage. So if you’re afraid that changing your instrument’s stock hardware might affect it’s resell value, then don’t worry because changing the knobs back to the originals can be done within minutes with no harm done.