Different musical instruments

There are so many different musical instruments that it’s almost impossible to get acquainted with all of them. Even within instrument “species” such as guitar, there are thousands if not tens of thousands of models. They all have nuanced characteristics that define their being, but not all of them are great. Instrument Geek does the research for you and finds the cream of the crop.

Find the instrument you need

Being in the market for a new instrument can turn out to be quite an intimidating task. There are so many companies pushing dozens of similar looking models at completely different price ranges. Instrument Geek helps individuals find the musical instrument that best suits their needs. After deciding on a general instrument (for example guitar, bass drums, violin, etc.), it’s recommended to narrow down the playing style (For example fingerstyle jazz guitar). Most styles of playing have their own instruments that are designed to achieve the optimal sound for their genre. Instrument Geek covers many of these styles of playing with their respected instrument in its articles.

Learn about different musical instruments

Instrument Geek also analyzes the historical and cultural significance of different musical instruments. There are many iconic instruments and models that hold a lot of rich historical value. We share our studies for the public to freely read because we hope to get others as excited about different musical instruments as us. From Chinese flutes to Irish fiddles, we plan on accomplishing the impossible and cover it all.

Discover obscure instruments

Surely you’ve heard of the Hurdy Gurdy by now, but have you heard of the waterphone? Instrument geek loves writing about obscure instruments that go completely unnoticed by the general public. There are so many innovative instruments that no one seems to talk about despite all the cool and unique sounds they can make.

Let us help you find the instrument you need

If you have any questions about any specific instruments, or if you’re looking for an instrument that makes a certain sound, then don’t hesitate to email us at instrumentgeek.com@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you with some expertise.