Music Recording Equipment

Find the most optimal pieces of music recording equipment for any sized studio. Whether it’s for a bedroom studio, for travel recording, or to satisfy a music label’s audio engineering needs. Instrument geek takes its audio engineering experience and writes digestible articles for enthusiasts and professionals who don’t have the time to research the intricacies of hundreds of pieces of music recording equipment. Instrument Geek does the research then narrows down the pieces of equipment to a handful of items, each of which is optimal for specific studio needs.

Instrument Geek takes the following criteria into consideration:

Budget: Not every studio has the same budget. It’s understandable when a label isn’t prepared to drop a ludicrous amount of money on every piece of equipment when 1/4th of the price can be spent on another item that is almost, if not as good. Sometimes you’re only paying for a brand’s name, and Instrument Geek helps identify those items.

Usefulness: It’s important to ensure that a piece of music recording equipment will actually be used frequently enough to make it worth owning. Every item known to man isn’t going to be used for every audio project, so it’s better to invest in what’s actually practical. Instrument Geek discusses circumstances in which certain pieces of equipment are worth getting, and circumstances in which there’s no point.

Size: Equipment can take up a hefty amount of physical space. Regardless of studio size or budget, the size of equipment impacts efficiency and productivity. If a studio never uses half of the channels on a 48-channel mixing console then there aren’t many justifiable and/or pragmatic reasons to have it. Instrument geek looks at and determines the best equipment for studios of every size, from bedrooms to labels.

Learning curve: Ease of use is a crucial factor to look into when considering a new piece of hardware (or software) for the studio. Some equipment will require training before use, but Instrument Geek helps find the best pieces of equipment that aren’t unnecessarily and overly complex.

Let us do the research for you

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