5 best USA made guitar amps

Most guitar amps are currently manufactured abroad (in relation to the USA). The production of many products (not only amps) ends up being a lot cheaper when it’s outsourced to foreign countries. So it’s not surprising that companies find the idea of inexpensive production alluring. Unfortunately, if not done correctly then the quality of the products can sometimes suffer, but that’s not always the case. In fact many guitar amp companies have high standards when it comes to their overseas productions. Most of the time it doesn’t make too much of a difference where an amp was made. What matters most is that the quality of the production lives up to the design’s standards.

Although regardless of quality, there are many other reasons why you might prefer a USA made guitar amp; might it be nationalistic or otherwise. Having said that, if you’d like to support USA made guitar amps then here are 5 of the best amps that are allegedly made in the USA:

  • Brand: Tech 21
  • Model: Power Engine
  • Watts: 60
  • USA made: Yes
  • Brand: Carvin
  • Model: Vintage16
  • Watts: 16
  • USA made: Yes
  • Brand: Peavey
  • Model: CLASSIC5021211
  • Watts: 50
  • USA made: Allegedly
  • Brand: Randall
  • Model: Cabinet
  • Watts: 30
  • USA made: Allegedly
  • Brand: Rivera
  • Model: Amp head
  • Watts:
  • USA made: Yes

Caution: Only some amps from the Peavey Classic series are actually labelled as being manufactured in the USA. Chances are that most guitar amps that claim to be made in the USA are in fact only designed and engineered in the States. Your best bet would be finding an old vintage amp as they have a higher chance of actually having been manufactured in the USA.

American made tube amps

There are two main types of amps: solid state amps and tube amps. Solid state amps are the cheapest and most efficient way to go in terms of production, but the quality of the sound is often said to be less preferred. Tube amps have a warm vintage tone that most guitarists seem to love, the only downside being that tube amps take a while after turning on to warm up. There aren’t too many American made tube amps on the market today, if any at all. But you can always search for an old vintage amp and the chances of it being both American made and a tube amp are pretty good.